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Helping Families

Achieve Success Across Generations

The goal here is Family Growth.  This encompasses individual growth, personal development, advancement of individuals and the family.  It includes the business, it includes the family assets including the family cabin, it includes every aspect that can be encompassed by “Family”.


“At the pinnacle we have Purpose.  The Purpose of the Family drives everything it strives for and wants for itself.”

– Ryan mackiewich, Evolve FES CEO

As a Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA), we examine the concept of “Familiness” as the unique bundle of resources a particular enterprise has because of the interaction of the family, its individual family members, and the business with one another. From a wholistic perspective, the Family Growth Model is a way to look at how to increase the Familiness of an Enterprise. 

The Advisor-Client Relationship

The interface between all advisors and clients using collaborative, empathetic, and ethical procedures, including client-centered practice techniques.


Family Dynamics, Health and Well-being, Social Impact Philanthropy


Integrated Financial Management, Estate Planning and Legal Issues, Risk Management


Learning, Development and the Rising Generation. Leadership and Transition Planning. Governance and Decision-making



To continuously learn and seek better ways so that by using joyfulness, wisdom, and kindness we can help others find solutions to their challenges, be happier, and make a positive impact on the world. 


Help enterprising families achieve success across generations 


Family Trust Integrity Respect Open-Mindedness Curiosity Competence Stability Consistency Security Self Knowledge  Teamwork Personal Growth Communication Learning Joy Wisdom, Kindness 

The 6 Pillars of The Family Business

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Family Vision



Every person in every family has their own definition of success. We help families align.

Workers In Family Business Standing Next To Van

Family Business

What is the purpose of our family?

(assets, money or similar) doing some financial planning - symbolized by a piggy bank the daughter is holding in her hand

Financial Assets

What kind of family do we want to be?

Discussion with a real estate agent at the office

Real Estate

What inspires us and brings us together?

Old kitchen appliances, Vintage cutlery on dark blue background, Top view, Selected focus, Square

Heirloom Assets

What are the shared values of our family?

elder woman holding heart shape in a hands


How can we contribute to society as a family?


Human Non-Financial Assets

Why do we want to stay connected?

Charts and graphs of sales - a symbol of successful corporate business

Deferred Assets

What things are truly important to us as a family?


business trips


nights in a hotel




months of advising



Our services

Family Enterprise Advising

Soon, we gained a reputation of a trustworthy company and expanded our activity.

What is a Family Enterprise Advisor?

We are expert advisors who couple technical expertise together with a deep understanding of the uniqueness of family enterprises.  FEAs are skilled and trained professionals – (accountants, lawyer, bankers, educators, or counselors to name a few) who have taken the time to learn the soft skills required to help family enterprises achieve success across generations.  We work with the entire family to help it create and live its vision. 

family Enterprise advising

What Is It?

A wholistic view of the Family, Business and Ownership that looks at the system and relationships with the goal of creating value for the family and business that spans across generations.

We seek to understand your Family Enterprise as an interactive system between Family, Business and Ownership.

We know that in a family enterprise the whole is greater that the sum of the parts. Family organizations seek homeostasis by trying to keep things stable over time. Patterns of behaviour can be predictable over generations as new generations learns from the behaviours (good and bad) of the old. If proper communication methods and governance are not implemented, things can go sideways in a hurry and the best intentions can be thwarted.

By understanding that every action within a family enterprise creates a reaction, we can apply various models and techniques to help guide a family to be successful across generations.

What People Say
Family business can be complicated because often the hard issues aren’t talked about, either from a desire to avoid conflict or from assuming these issues won’t have an impact… that is, until these issues affect family. Ryan has leveraged his years of experience as a tax accountant and his training as a family enterprise advisor to help address the core issues that family-run businesses face and how to navigate the challenges and opportunities of a family enterprise. Anyone looking to take their business to the next level and wanting to plan for their legacy would benefit from working with Ryan.
Jolene Van Hemert
Ryan has provided great support, advice, and knowledge over the last two years in our business and our personal accounting needs. He is consistent and reliable and is calm and reassuring whenever we have questions. He has always been available when we've needed him, and helps us with enthusiasm and an encouraging attitude. He is interested in helping see our business succeed, and we appreciate how he has gone beyond being someone who simply does our accounting, to being a friend and support.
Curtis and Laura
Metricon is a great company with professional and talented experts. I worked with several of them and I can say, they know their job perfectly. Thanks to Imperion I've successfully passed fiscal audit and made some changes in my business, which is now beneficial!
Tom Ford
Company CEO
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